UnitiBase is provided on a subscription basis. Your subscription entitles you to every upgrade of the core system and any modules you acquire as we continue to improve and extend the system.

Pricing based on membership

Subscription pricing is based on the number of members in the system. This means that it is possible to have zero capital outlay if you choose to do so. Smaller unions or branches pay less. And if your membership declines so does your expense.

Actual pricing will depend on your needs but, for a 'normal' union the 2016 subscription rates start at around 28 cents per month per active member (or around $1.70 per active member per 6-month term). There is a nominal cost for inactive members - less than one cent per term.

The system could pay for itself with the productivity gains that it delivers or even with the extra members that it helps you to recruit and retain.

Optional modules

Modules are paid for with a small increase in the monthly subscription fee. In all cases modules will create significant productivity gains or other benefits that outweigh the cost.

Custom development and additional work

In 2020 we charge $100 per hour for any custom development and additional work requested and approved by our clients.

Our rate is significantly lower than other developers but the true cost saving occurs because of the rapid development framework that we use, and because we focus exclusively on unions. That means we take far less time to do a better job.