Membership analytics

See the future

More members + longer memberships. These are key objectives of most unions. Membership analytics can help you to achieve both.

What if you could better predict which of your members are most likely to fall into arrears, and when? Or who is at a higher risk of resigning unless you take some action? You can do these things, and more, with membership analytics


Analytics involves creating reliable statistical prediction models using available information about your members and their past membership and payment history. The model takes historic data and gives members a certainty score for future actions, based on their particular combination of predictor-characteristics.


With this knowledge, you can better schedule and target communication, create service offers, and focus the attention of organisers.

Analytics is heavily used by smart businesses, charities and political parties.
Unions are often not even aware of it or if they are, their data won't support it.
UnitiBase changes that.

Know the industry

When unions across an industry sector use a common platform a whole sector can be viewed - where the work is; where members are moving; how the industry is changing. Unions can see which companies are employing union members. They can quantify benefits such as training and skills development, or the employment of women, older workers and other special interest groups.

Analytics delivers knowledge. And knowledge is valuable.