Optional system modules

Not every union requires all of the functions available in UnitiBase. To provide flexibility we have some functions available in optional system modules that may be activated by some clients depending on their needs and budget.

The following provides an overview of modules that have been developed and some currently in development or under consideration. We are guided by our clients on the modules that they would like to have available.



UnitiBase Campaign Modules may be set up for any structured campaign targeting companies or members.

One UnitiBase client uses a Campaign Module to manage its EBA campaign targeted at employers.

UnitiBase allows companies or members to be moved through a structured sequence of actions and milestones. It reports on progress, and facilitates campaign communication from within the system. Campaign documents such as letters and agreements (e.g. EBAs) are produced either directly from the system or using live, central data from UnitiBase. Standard reminders, notes and communication records are available to the campaign.

One of the key advantages is being able to use one central system with the most current data to run your campaign, and not having to run it from a second system that has to be maintained separately.

Analysis and reporting

In development

UnitiBase comes with a range of standard reports including those most commonly required by management. 

The Analysis and Reporting module, however, (currently in development) stores and utilises historic data. This allows trends and rates to be reported, and periods to be compared. In short it allows union decision-makers to see how the union is performing and any trends that are apparent.

Linked cloud storage


Unions may need to have digital copies of member, company or project-related documents linked to the relevant record and available for users to view through UnitiBase.

UnitiBase, being web-based, allows the use of cloud storage offered by companies such as Amazon and Google.

The Cloud Storage module allows simple drag-and-drop of PDF and image files (or any file) to cloud storage. When uploaded the document is accessible to all staff connected to the internet, regardless of their location or time of day.

Application forms

Under consideration

Intelligent application forms may be developed to allow members to, for example, apply for training courses or training grants offered by the union or by third-party providers. Many other possibilities also exist.

The system could notify members that they may be eligible based on their information already in the system. Data could be sent as a digital file or even fed directly into the receiving system via an electronic link with UnitiBase.

By applying from the union site, members are encouraged to return to their account and keep their details up to date - as well as making clear the link between their union membership and the benefit obtained.

It would provide convenience for members as most of the necessary information (name, address, trade, etc.) is extracted from existing member information.

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