Integrated union websites

Your UnitiBase installation will be a new website, hosted securely by us and set up for use by your staff and members.

Your union may already have a website. Instead of users clicking through to UnitiBase from your existing site, a far better solution is to simply redevelop your website as the front-end of your UnitiBase system. This is not necessary, but there are some significant advantages. And if you do not have a website, or if you are unhappy with your current website or provider, then this is an ideal opportunity to upgrade.

Partner integration

Links can be established with partner sites such as training colleges or industry funds, based on known information about the member such as trade, apprentice status, etc.

Seamless integration

A UnitiBase front-end website offers seamless integration with UnitiBase back-end system. It means that members can log in once on your site and see their personal membership details including their financial and membership status.

After logging in, news and information can be presented that is targeted at them, based on their gender, age or occupation, for example.

Members can instantly access their private account information and all of the functionality provided there.

Union forms that you now may have on paper can be set up online and linked directly to the member's UnitiBase record. This integration alone could improve communication, reduce paper-handling, reduce errors and miscommunication, and lift the efficiency of union administration.

Content management

The Neos content management system offers one of the most intuitive and powerful content management systems available today. Union staff can maintain union news pages, documents and other content quickly and more easily than other systems of which are aware.