Integrated communication

Union staff can communicate with members and internally with staff from within UnitiBase using e-mail and SMS. These communications are recorded in the system for future reference.

Member communication


E-mails may be sent to individuals from any member record, list or report with an e-mail address link. Documents may be attached to individual member e-mails

Group e-mails may be sent from some reports and searches to all members with a valid e-mail address. Examples are Committees, Organisers and Delegates.

Large-group e-mails via MailChimp are supported. We recommend large numbers of e-mails should be sent using MailChimp and not directly from UnitiBase to avoid your UnitiBase server being blacklisted as a possible spam site. It also has other significant benefits.

E-mail templates provide fast (even automatic), standard communications on common matters. It can include one or more standard attachments.


SMS messages may be sent to individuals by clicking on any mobile number link. Like e-mails, each message is recorded.

Group SMS messages may be sent to members with a valid mobile number who are included in a report or search.

SMS templates, set up by your Administrator, are also available to users to send standard messages.

Staff communication


UnitiBase can issue automatic notifications to operators when an event occurs that your union sees as significant and requiring attention. Organisers, for example, can be notified when they are assigned a new project in their region.


UnitiBase has an integrated reminder/bring-up system for operators.

This is a better option than using a personal diary or e-mail system because if a staff member leaves the union then the personal reminder is lost and a task is not done when it should be done.

In UnitiBase reminders - which are linked to member records, for example - are not lost and can be re-allocated to alternative staff.

External system communication

API links

As an online system, UnitiBase can access other online systems and read or exchange information using secure API links.

UnitiBase already links to the Australian Business Register to obtain ABN and company information, and to Amazon Web Services for cloud storage of documents. Obviously it links seamlessly to our SMS and eWay payment gateways

We will continue to offer links to other industry and affiliated systems as requested by our clients.

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