Organiser access

Organisers are a key user group. Because UnitiBase is online, organisers take live information onto work sites and can conduct searches, update information and sign members up to the union.

Controlled access

Organisers access the areas that are important to them. Normally this includes member and delegate information by project or employer, and projects themselves.

Charging and payments are protected office functions.


Organisers can use the integrated communication functions in UnitiBase to communicate with members or delegates on a project. This can be done for individual members or groups.

Views by project

Organisers can view lists of members and employers by project. Member lists highlight members who are unfinancial at that time.

Organisers can drill down into member records to view notes, documents and payment histories if necessary. If a member has changed employer or address the organiser can update their record immediately.

Organisers can also see the employers by project. If they are on site they can add new information and notes that are immediately available to authorised system users.

Member sign-up

We strongly encourage organisers to sign members up using the join-online form. The level of automation in this form means that organisers can join members and obtain payment correctly without needing 'office-level' training.


Organisers are provided with their own training, with key office staff present. This is to ensure that organisers know that they should use the system and feel a part of it. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from organisers.

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