Built for trade unions

Three key benefits

UnitiBase was designed in consultation with Australian trade unions and is purpose-built for them.

This has three main benefits.

  1. Specialised union modules With union input, UnitiBase modules specialised modules can be developed that would not be built in general purpose membership systems. Examples include modules than can help you to run an EBA campaign to employers, track EBA compliance by employers, manage a dispute-resolution process under state or federal legislation, or ensure that the correct right-of-entry process is followed and documented.
    Doing these things in UnitiBase means not having to maintain separate systems and lists. It means seamless communication with affected members, delegates/shop stewards, and organisers. Documents can be generated or uploaded and accessed. Reports can be produced in real time that are correct and consistent.
  2. Building a common framework Having one system means that improvements made for one union benefit all unions. Problems solved for one means problems avoided for others. Common resources such as training courses, user manuals and video libraries can be built up to help your staff become more productive, faster.
  3. We listen to you Unions are the only clients for UnitiBase. If you are not happy we are not in business. Our system and service puts you first.

The cost of reinventing the wheel ...

Re-inventing the wheel means wasting your union's limited time and resources trying to do the same things in different ways. Each union – big or small – needs to solve the same problems in different ways.

Because off-the-shelf membership systems are not built for trade unions, you need to fit your local rules and procedures into their system or work around it. This means more complex procedures, and needing staff with local knowledge of how to make the system work properly. If a key staff member leaves and procedures are not documented (as they are often not) then there are errors and breakdowns. New staff introduce new ways that are inconsistent with older approaches, leading to loss of data integrity.

Unions are based on the principle that unity is strength. This also applies to membership systems and UnitiBase, with a common core and custom-built modules for local requirements, means that it can now be achieved.