Operational reviews

Developed to improve union operations

The developers of UnitiBase were not originally 'IT' people. Gavin Wills and Mark Kuiphuis have diverse backgrounds, but both had training and experience in business before moving into systems development.

UnitiBase started with a business problem, not an IT one. Our first union client, like so many organisations, could not get correct information out of their system. They received poor service from their system vendor. They needed a membership system that was a management tool and a knowledge base.

New tools need new approaches

Your new UnitiBase system brings new opportunities for your union. These include big efficiency gains and the ability to reach out to your membership base and engage them as never before.

But sometimes old procedures, developed for a different era, can continue on without being questioned. These can hold back productivity and other benefits.

Capesso, the developers of UnitiBase, can conduct a detailed operational review either before or after your UnitiBase installation. The review will examine and provide clear, thoughtful recommendations in relation to:

  • Union rules that affect membership operations;
  • The quality of management reporting;
  • Time spent correcting errors, on rework, double-handling and low value tasks;
  • Tasks that can be simplified and streamlined using new approaches;
  • The skills and training required by staff and available to the union;
  • Improvement and change strategies that could benefit the union; and
  • Office network and technology.