Union staff have direct access to knowledgeable personnel and a range of documentation, training and support resources. Over time, with the support of more unions, these resources will grow. This takes more of the training burden off unions and ensures that new staff can be made more productive, faster.

Understanding your union

The first step in designing your installation of UnitiBase - and in providing sound support afterwards - is understanding the details of your union rules and procedures.

We usually spend at least a week understanding what you do, why you do it, and what you want to do better, easier or faster. We look at common errors and problems. We speak to managers and organisers.

Telephone and e-mail support

Calls and e-mails are handled by the people who build the system. We encourage contact as it tells us how users are using the system and how it can be further improved.


In our experience staff can start using basic read and edit and reporting functions of UnitiBase with a few minutes of introductory training. An hour of training normally takes care of standard payment processing, member documents and communication, allowing staff to start working almost immediately on standard day-to-day activities.

We undertake two to three days of training for advanced and Administrator operations, while also being present for on-site support. We also train organisers with key office staff present to ensure that organisers know that they should use the system and feel a part of it. UnitiBase is not only for office staff. If committee members are interested we are also happy to provide training to them to explain what they should expect from the system and what reports are available.

Manual and videos

A comprehensive manual is provided. This covers core functionality and also documents local procedures where appropriate. The manual is updated with every change and extension of the system.

We understand that some people do not use manuals. We are developing a range of training videos on special topics and to provide a general introduction to the system for different users. Videos are particularly useful in providing a solid introduction to the system for new staff members.


An FAQ library will be built up over time to provide another growing resource for operators.