Member access

UnitiBase provides access to members to modify their records and pay online. This reduces the time spent by office staff in routine processing.

Controlled access

Members access their information via private accounts. They see only their own account and contact information and can change details that the union decides is appropriate for them to change.

For example your union may decide that a member can change their own address, but not their method of payment, without consulting with the union first.

Members can set and change passwords without union involvement.

Online transactions

Common transactions such as application for exemption, notification of retirement or going overseas, or going away from the trade/industry can be managed online and can even be automated to further reduce time spent by union staff. The access provided to members may encourage members to maintain current information with the union.

Members can also pay their dues online using gateways such as eWay.

Smart-phone forms

The member interface is designed to be readable and functional on a smartphone. This recognises the fact that most members will have such devices and many will want to transact with the union from the job site using their phones.

Member sign-up

Non-members can join the union using the join-online form. The level of automation in this form means that members can join and pay correctly without involvement of union staff.

The union is notified of a new member via e-mail and can issue welcome letters and take other actions as per union procedures.

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