Custom automation


One of our clients assigns their members to organisers based on a unique set of rules. All members - both apprentices and tradespeople - in Region A are assigned to one organiser. All remaining apprentices outside this region are assigned to another organiser. Remaining tradespeople are allocated based on location: If they work long-term on a site then they are allocated based on that site address; if they don't then they are allocated based on their home address. If neither of these addresses are available then they are assigned to the organiser who recruited them. And when an apprentice becomes a tradesperson, or if they change either site or home address, then their responsible organiser may change. 

Capesso customised this installation of UnitiBase to apply these rules automatically so that members are assigned to organisers without any staff involvement - and therefore without errors. This means that all members who join online are immediately allocated to the correct organiser, who can also then be notified automatically by the system of their new member.

Your rules built into your system

UnitiBase is a custom-automated system. Prior to installation we work with your staff to understand your union's rules and business processes. Then, where appropriate, we build your installation of UnitiBase around your rules using a client code package. It means automatic enforcement of your rules.

This has three major benefits.

  1. Efficiency - less manual work, fewer errors, less checking and supervision, less correction and rework
  2. Access - allows your members and organisers to do more without being trained system operators
  3. Consistency - things are done the same way every time, year after year, even if your staff changes


Some other systems require you to fit your rules into their available functions. This means having temporary solutions and work-arounds. It means complicated local procedures for staff to force the system to do what you need. It means that when staff change, knowledge is lost and things are done differently.

UnitiBase prevents this with custom automation.